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This is where I share the most useful or maybe even useless (depends on what it means to you) tidbits of information. Collected on my travels, trawling the planet/ magazines/ web for anything and everything I like or find interesting.

So for interesting books to read, inspiring and meaningful movies to watch, a great restaurant to eat in, the right charity to donate to, more about the country where i currently reside Argentina or my favorite place in the world Uruguay, looking for a really sweet/ design hotel to sleep in at an even better price… my standards are high but quality is assured (am very picky / fussy / and comfort prone!). . Go to my blog home page .... where you'll find stories, insights, reviews, reccomendation and suggestions.

Have also been looking into studying the awakening of the evolutionary collective consciousness on the planet right now, so you can find insights, links and inspiration and subject matter here.

For Sale

This property is my own, and as much as I have enjoyed living here as long as I have my nomad spirit is taking me back far away. And as such would like to sell the place and let someone else enjoy it. Centre of Amersterdam, all mod cons. See link for more info and photos. For Sale ...
Email me now: info (@) anadiomene.com



About me/ Blogs:

So who am I to think you might want to read what I've discovered. I collect and hoard information. However just like most regurgitated garbage it may just be useful to someone – & that someone may or may not be you ;-) More ...