Tidbits: Argentina & Uruguay

Casa Felix, Buenos Aires, Tel: 4815 9925 An amazing dining experience, as you not only get to eat scrumptious Latin food, you get to eat it in somebody else's house. This most hospitable couple travel around Latin America finding new unusual local food as well as dishes that they can take as inspiration. Their dining area fits 12 people 3 nights a week where they serve a tantalizing 5 course menu, with matching wines – or you can do by the glass (like I did). This is ‘the' place to try while Buenos Aires . Website...

Milion, Parana 1048, Buenos Aires, Tel: 4815 9925 This is a pretty cool bar spilt over a multitude of levels, including outdoor area, bar, restaurant and lots of nooks and crannies to go hang out in, super comfortable a bit like settling back into your own much bigger house with friends, with service and a great cocktail list. Website...

Los Loros, Estados Unidos 302, Buenos Aires, Tel: 43615539 This is the place for licados, what is a licado you might ask, it is ice and veg or fruit thrown into a blender – its fresh, healthy and taste fab fabulous. But their dinner, lunch and cakes are also great. Just off the main drag you can easy get a good spot, and yes ring the bell – many tourists don't see there is one and the request to ring it is in Spanish – so not too many tourists either.

Lentas Maravillas, Colonia, Santa Rita 61, Tel: 052 20636 This place calls itself Colonia's best kept secret, and normally I don't believe that but in this case I know it to be true. An amazing design (loved the photo's, newspaper on the wall and in bathroom), super furniture, and even more picture perfect garden with comfy chairs to lounge in and watch the clouds drift by. Italian coffee and the most perfect eggs that I've had since arriving in Latam just makes it all even more perfect. I'll be back.

Posada Plaza Mayor, Colonia del commerico 111. A gorgeous hotel in the historic old center, a picturesque courtyard and my kind of comfort and furniture – white and more white, with big fluffy pillows. A hint of jasmine from outside puts you to sleep. Ideal location, and although I loved it thought it thought it was a bit over priced. The service started off great and ended on a more sour note, guess I have been to spoilt lately after my stay in La Barra. Website

Le Club, La Barra, Punta del Este, Uruguay. Loved this place, while I had a little trouble making the booking, probably due to my poor Spanish – I finally made it. And what a nice surprise, they upgraded my room automatically – so had this gorgeous suite with a whole 6 windows looking out over the sea. The bed was a dream to sleep in – soft pillows, high quality cotton – the sound of the sea in the background. And the breakfast while simple was super fresh toasted bread with melt in your mouth home made jams. I would have liked to stay here forever… Just perfect. Website

Nanatsu, Puerto Madero, BA: Anytime anyone comes to visit me I take them here, not just because it is in front of my flat, but the food is always great, the service super friendly and the wine spectacular. The kitchen is a Latin Asia Fusion, which works superbly. It is a slightly pricey but unlike many other restaurants in this neighborhood its well worth it. Olga Cossettini1185, Tel: 5530 0200 Website

Rick's place, San Telmo, BA: Great place to stay, with long lost friends, and felt nicely at home. Super location so close to the shops, San Telmo markets, which is an amazing place to be on a Sunday - see and experience much of the argentine culture in one place. And plenty of advice on where to eat what to see and do. And the terrace is a great place to hag out with your favourite book, and the breakfasts were also the perfect start to the day, and still missing them Website

La Casona del Rio, Trelew, Chubut: Sometimes the people you meet is what makes the trip a real experience and that is exactly what this place did for me. Had the opportunity to meet Yanina and her family, sit around and learn about the culture, history and area. Slept like a baby, the food is better than any restaurant I've eaten at so far and the surrounding area and bike tour was just gorgeous. Looking forward to going back. $60-100. Website

Cerros de San Lorenzo, San Lorenzo, Salta: Wish we had found this place at the begining of the trip, after the nightmare spa in Jujuy this was like an oasis. Great service, real beds, big room, views and gardens that were just gorgeous. It was a bit out of town, but a much preffered option. Website

Calon Huilli, Trelew, Chubut: Super handy travel agent, checked all the bus times for me and booked my whale watching tour. And if only I had more time as would have liked to go and see the Orca's and do the pengiun tour there was so much more to see and do. If you are traveling to Northern Pantagonia and would like advice on what to do where to go and need anything from hotel to guide booked give them a shout. Website

Miguel Angel Restaurant, Trelew, Chubut: This was a great suggestion, a Sicilian Restaurant in Trelew, and it had some of the best food since my arrival in Argentina. If happen to be in Trelew be sure to give it a try. Address: Av. Fontana 246 Tel: (02965) 430403


Granados Bar, San Telmo, BA: Would love to let you know how good all the food is (and I hear it is), but have yet to try anything beyond the brocoli tart as it really is the best. Everytime I go in there I can't bring myself to order anything else. But great locale, design and amazing food. Chile 378, San Telmo. Tel: 11 4300 0999

Las Dunas, Puerto Madryn, Chubut: This was a recommendation from the hotel, was a bit early (not very Argentine), so had the place to myself. The fish was just divine, as was the starter. It's on the beach the sun setting and the view only added to the flavour and experience. Nicely designed all white interiour, sofas etc. am sure it is the place to hang in summer. Boulevard Brown 1980. Tel: (02965) 457 403

Towanda Coffee Store, Puerto Piramides, Chubut: While waiting to go on whale watching would recommend you have a coffee here, the coffee and food (yes cakes especially are great. The view isn't all bad either ;-) Puerto Piramides, Penisula Valdes.





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