So who am I… to think you might want to read what I've discovered. Am a bit of an opinionated internationalite who collects and hoards & tones of pretty useless information…. & thinks way too much about too many things. However just like most regurgitated garbage it may just be useful to someone – and that someone may or may not be you ;-)

When if at any time your about to die of boredom just stop reading and go to other page. So was born in Holland - grew up in Australia – retured to Holland - lived throughout Europe - a year in Costa Rica - traveled even further & wider around the globe. Work; mostly in Marketing/ communications / new media & sometimes even design a website or two.

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Loves: anything interesting…. new – insightful, beautiful designs – fabulous things – gorgeously comfortable hotels & scrumptious food served in ambient surroundings - am always looking for what's happening / where / how / why…….

However: have quiet a large conscious, so believe very strongly in protecting the planet we have respecting yourself & everything else (although call me a tree loving hippy you might just see my evil side) – so I write like I talk, straight from the hip… no lies, selling, brainwashing…. Most likely reaction to the site = a yawn (be warned).

Believes in: Smiling (not just ‘cause its free), enjoying life, experiencing new things, changing / growing constantly, equality, pure good old fashioned integrity, avoiding mediocrity and being authentic.

Interests: Design (structural/ web/ interior/ fashion), trends, the future, history, mythology, art, writing, reading, traveling, eating, sleeping, swimming, long winded discussions & yoga.

Dislikes: pretentiousness, ego, ignorance, negativity and wasting money (if you want to spend $5000 on a handbag – buy one that looks the same on the corner stall and give the other $4970 to charity – I am telling you, you'll look just as good and feel better!)

Email: info (a) anadiomene (dot) com

Straight from the hip (Blog):

Grass is always greener: So why do we have that urge as humans to move… to believe that there must be better more luscious pastures elsewhere. Is it due to some build up of our psyche which is never satisfied with what we have, or is it a sub-conscious nomadic past that we have not quite been able to forget? As nomads we followed the sun or our food sources…. More ...

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